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Brain Games

Brain games

Brain games can be a form of mental stimulation and relaxation.
Grab your snacks, get comfy, and let the games begin!

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How Brain Games Winning Streak works

The Brain Games Winning Streak helps you motivate yourself to stretch your brain every day1. To maintain your streak, you must win at least one of our daily brain games each day.
2. You have a maximum of two pauses available. Each day you don't play any game or fail to win any game, one pause is automatically used.
3. You can replenish a used pause by winning four consecutive days.
4. To log your winning streak, you need to be logged in.

To get the most out of our brain games don't stick to just one category of games. Each category stimulates different parts of your brain. Word games engage the language centers of your brain, helping you express yourself more effectively. Math games exercise your logical thinking and problem-solving skills. Geography games challenge your brain to recall facts, recognize patterns, and navigate through maps. Games of other categories engage your brain in pattern recognition, thinking, and creative problem-solving. Diversify your play for a well-rounded mental workout.

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Brain Games

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